Red Hat Enterprise Directory Services and Authentication (RHS423)

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Investment of time on Training: 40 Hr

Training Options

Regular Track:2 Hours a Day (Available in weekdays only)
Fast Track:4 Hours a Day (Available in weekdays and Weekends)
Superfast Track: 8 Hours a Day (Available in weekdays only)

Course contents :

  • Introduction To Directory Services
  • The LDAP Naming Model
  • Red Hat Directory Server: Basic Configuration
  • Searching and Modifying the LDAP Directory
  • Red Hat Directory Server: Authentication and Security
  • Linux User Authentication with NSS and PAM
  • Centralized User Authentication With LDAP
  • Kerberos and LDAP
  • Directory Referrals and Replication
  • Authenticating Windows Clients
  • Windows Domain Authentication and Linux Clients

Investment of time on Exam:- 3 Hrs (Practical Exam)

  • Prerequisites:- RHCE Certification and Training on RHS423 with Original Books
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